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We design our systems to fit your needs. We are in the solutions business, not the equipment distribution business, and we build exactly the solutions that you want. User-friendly, fast & efficient is what we pride ourselves on delivering to you.





Our custom designed systems monitor tank levels, pressures and rates in real time, sending alarm notifications for high/low levels, pressures and rates.


  • Pump start/stop and also speed control
  • Actuator Valves that can be controlled by flow rate, pressure and/or tank level
  • Remote well shut down when tank levels are in alarm
  • Remote set point changes


  • Rate, Volume, Pressure and Tank levels
  • Gas readings from sales, check, injection and test meters
  • H2S monitoring from wells and inside containment areas
  • Gas combustor monitoring


  • VRU Control
  • Maintain Blanket Pressure set points on tank levels


  • Tank/Separator Levels
  • Pump Pressures
  • Pump High/Low Rates
  • Flow Line Pressures
  • Well Casing and Tubing pressures
  • Location AC Power Failure
  • H2S
  • This is just to name a few. Our systems are capable of alarming on ANY set point our customers deem necessary.

Our custom designed public facilities system allows customers to manage all aspects of the facility. Our systems monitor rates, volumes, (unload or load) tank levels in real time, and if necessary, notifies the client if a problem arises that shuts down production.

Our system allows production staff, management, or any pre-authorized user to control all valves and pumps to be turned on or off via the web portal. The system also has the ability to manually or automatically set control pump speeds and times or automatically react to a set of outside parameters. We also have the ability to control and remotely shut down the entire well for emergencies like a fire, high fluid level, or complete power failure. This full remote access saves fuel, man hours, hassle, and the constant worry of an accident.

Permian Controls uses industry standard field sensors from Schneider-Electric, and others to drive data to its own proprietary Java-based platform in the public cloud. Hosted on Amazon Web Services, the platform provides a scalable monitoring and management solution to Energy clients with the ability to scale infinitely and handle workloads for the largest of deployments. The platform provides a mobile app as well as secure browser-based access to a variety of tools, including real-time customized dashboards, reporting, usage, and bi-directional controls for all field devices.